The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography

Street photography is a diversified and very exciting photography genre. It’s hard to master it because you need to be talented in many photography fields.

We have created this guide that includes everything you ever need to know to become successful in street photography.

What is Street Photography?

It’s a difficult question to answer because this photographic field is all-encompassing. It can involve architecture, landscape, portraiture, black and white, long-exposure, and even macro.

To many photographers, street photography is everything. Fashion, documentary, and at the most basic, real. Street photography aims to capture people in public places, warts and all.

Urban photography connects to street photography. But not any photograph was taken on, off or from the street counts as urban photography.

Landscapes are not street photographs and neither are studio portraits, for example.

Urban photography takes into account specific compositional guidelines. The speed of capturing images and also different camera equipment separate photographic fields.

Street or urban photography covers a very wide range of styles and subjects. It does so while embodying its own techniques.

No other area of photography is so diversified. The public space is an ever-changing environment, and it needs a wide range of themes to capture it.

Only in street photographs would you want shot-from-the-hip. Or even blurry, out of focus, images. They still work in telling a visual story.

It’s also one photography area where you need to be aware of many things. Read as much as you possibly can about the law.

How to Choose the Best Camera for Street Photography

Like urban photography itself, the camera choices for it are very diverse. The possibilities come down to what you are going to photograph, your budget, and your own style.

Focusing on people, capturing them fast and candidly requires one type of camera. Photographing empty spaces, another.

This article goes through eight of the best cameras to use for street photography. It looks at rangefinders, digital cameras, and mirrorless options.

The Best Lens for Street Photography

Lenses, like camera options, come down to what you want to photograph.

Are you aiming to get into people’s faces like Bruce Gilden, who uses a 28 mm lens? Or are you going for something that keeps you a little more hidden?

Either way, lenses are the tool that defines your relationship with the subject. They also offer you emphasized the depth of fields.

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