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7 Fall Wreaths You Can DIY

A wreath is one of the simplest ways to transform your home. At various points throughout the year, a well-designed seasonal wreath adds pizazz and personality to a front door, mantel or window. We encourage you to change up your wreaths often to keep things looking fresh and timely.

With that said, fall is a fun season for crafting. Learn how to make a fabulous fall wreath that will add warmth to your home. These 7 fall wreath tutorials should offer just the inspiration you need.

Incorporate Some White Pumpkins Into Your Wreath

The best fall wreaths incorporate coveted seasonal elements like pumpkins, colorful fallen leaves and burlap. But you’re not limited to just fall-inspired elements. Take this wreath, for instance. Instead of orange pumpkins, white pumpkins are used instead. Also, instead of only using warmly-toned maple leaves, some green botanical leaves and moss are added into the mix. Don’t be afraid to choose elements that will ultimately coordinate with your home and sense of style.

Learn How to Make a Fall Wreath in Under 10 Minutes

If you love crafting with fall leaves, this is the wreath to try. Not only is this fall leaf wreath large and impressively beautiful, it took the original creator under ten minutes to make. Who said all craft projects had to be time-consuming?

Craft a Wheat Wreath and Accent it With Feather

One of the more common types of fall wreaths for farmhouse style homes is the wheat wreath. This wreath might seem simple enough, but it’s really important to get the placement right. Make sure the wheat you’re working with is bundled with different lengths, so the wreath doesn’t look too choppy or uniform. The smaller the wheat bundles, the easier it will be to make this wreath look like something you’d find.

Add Fall Berry Sprigs and Fuzzy Sprigs

Fall berry sprigs are a wonderful way to add depth and dimension to a fall wreath display. However, only using berry sprigs can get a little redundant and boring. This diy fall wreath also incorporated coordinating fuzzy sprigs to add extra interest to the main section of the wreath base.

Consider Golden Yellow for a Pop of Color

Warm jeweled tones are popular for fall decor, but a monochrome pop of golden yellow shouldn’t be overlooked as an option. This color choice will work great if you have a cool toned blue or purple door, which is opposite of yellow on the color wheel.

Get Whimsical Using Felt Flowers

Crafting with felt is still a popular way to add a cozy element to fall decor. Like seen here, felt is most commonly used to make flowers. The more types of flowers you can craft with felt, the more eclectic and artsy the wreath will feel. There really is no wrong way to tackle this tutorial.

Make This Paper Leaf Wreath With the Family

Don’t forget about fall crafts for kids! If you want your kids or grandkids to take part in your fall wreath, choose one that is simple, uses stencils, and is really difficult to mess up. The fact that all the leaves are the same size and shape make this project really kid-friendly. Just make sure you vary the direction of the leaves to the left and right, but keep all the tops facing in the clockwise direction.

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