5 Monday Ideas: Why Shop When You Can Craft

Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and everyone is prepared and excited! Hundreds of articles online are telling people what to buy and what not to buy—home decor, kitchenware, furniture, gadgets, and of course, Christmas ornaments. But as helpful as these articles are, anyone knows that a great deal can make you re-think all that decision-making! I know this all too well. Every year I stop myself from splurging on almost everything, but I end up going home with more than what I can carry! But every year I find that there are still so many things I didn’t get to buy.

5 Cyber Monday Ideas to Help You Save Your Money

Forget about spending this Cyber Monday and create your own items!

Judging from last year’s deals, I know the things I’ve been eyeing are going to be sold for a good bargain this year. But I’ve decided to retreat from the Cyber Monday craze. Passing up on all the great bargains is definitely going to be difficult. But I’ve found a way to recreate the things I want, and I’m here to share them with you! These DIYs will show you how to get what you want on this year’s Cyber Monday by making them with your own hands and for a much cheaper price! Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be asking yourself the same question: Why shop when you can craft?

Festive Christmas Wreath

It goes without saying: most of our Christmas shopping is done during Black Friday and Cyber Monday—and for good reason. For the Christmas staple that greets your guest, you’ll want only the most pleasing. Even on Cyber Monday, a good wreath, like this one from What A Mesh by Diana, may cost you up to $85. Head over to this wreath tutorial on how to make your very own stunning wreath for much less.

Magical Christmas Angel

Pair your wreath with a Christmas angel that could go by on the front door or at the top of your Christmas tree. If you want more options, here’s a list of DIY Christmas ornaments so you can perfect your Holiday home add that magic to the Christmas air.

One-of-a-kind Candle Holder

Scented or not, candles spell the atmosphere of a room—from mood and ambience to lighting and temperature. Recreate these candle holders from Medium Moments with an exquisite twist: use vintage teacups!

Lifelike Faux Flowers

Maintaining an aesthetic can be time-consuming. No need to avail of those Cyber Monday bargains because these faux flowers are an investment. With this DIY guide, you can make your own set that rivals Heart to Heart’s.

Rustic Picture Frame

These Huckleberry Vintage picture frames are great, but you want to make sure moments retain their nostalgia. These rustic picture frames should do the trick.

Crafting these DIYs that are just as good as any Cyber Monday deal! With the surge of consumers and purchases on this special day, it’s guaranteed your creations will be like no other!

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